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      Our Tenet
    Striving for Excellence, Serving Sincerely, human-oriented and devoting to society

     Our Philosophy
          Desiring for Development, Innovating Continuously

      Our Slogan
          Never Give Up the Passions On Quality Assurance and Efficiency

      Our Employing Principle
           Trust and Show Honor to Individual, Respect Employee, Manage by Virtue

      Our Codes of Conduct
            Honest, Modest, Clean, Diligent-----treat Ketai as a big, warm family and consider mutual care, mutual friendly, mutual trust, mutual promotion, mutual learning and growing as our forever codes of conduct.

        Our Company Value Customer Focus and provide better service to our clients;

Pursuing Excellence and believe that people doing every simple thing well are great
Keep pace with the times and pioneering in instruction

        Our Quality Policy and Management
Lean Manufacturing , Boldly Engaging in Practice and Innovation, Customer-oriented, Basic Services
All we have done and will do is for customer satisfaction
Good is not enough if better is possible.

       Our Environmental Policy
We will strictly obey the common agreements, laws, legal rules and regulations and other related requirements and protect air, water, earth and environments nearby.
In our being continuously improving environment and the whole process of production, we will make full use of resources, energy and prevent pollution.

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