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Use and brief introduction of LED work lamp

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There are many types of lamps, such as incandescent lamps, LED lamps and so on. I wonder if you have heard of working lights. The so-called work lamp is mainly applicable to large-scale work such as machine tools. These are mainly used for lighting in factories! Lighting is very important to us. Without it, we can't work at all. It can be said that the invention of lamp is great, which not only illuminates us but also illuminates the world! Let Little Rabbit introduce the working lights and their uses in detail. The working lamp and light source adopt halogen bulb, which is waterproof and anti-corrosive.

It is suitable for lighting various large and medium-sized CNC machine tools, modular machine tools, machining centers and ordinary machine tools, especially for indoor lighting of closed CNC machine tools. Halogen tungsten bulb light source adopts halogen tungsten bulb, which is suitable for illumination of various medium and small numerical control machine tools, combined machine tools, general machine tools and other equipment, and can also be used for illumination of equipment maintenance and experimental observation. Electronic voltage devices can also be built in to input different voltages. Suitable for working lighting of medium and small machine tools, medical equipment, automobile repair, ship overhaul and equipment maintenance. Electronic transformer can be built in, which is suitable for different input voltages. Application: It is suitable for local lighting of medium and small lathes, planers, milling machines, grinders and other equipment, and can also be used for lighting of fitters, laboratories and maintenance. Combined with the lighting of machine tools and other equipment, it has the advantages of waterproof, explosion-proof and anti-erosion.

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